By Ben Ennis (January 2006)


There was this band of brothers, they called "The Common Few?"
A garage band from Chanute High School that played 5 years plus 2.

Traveling around the countryside singing rock, soul, and blues.
Never was a greater band of brothers than this group "The Common Few?"

But, like all good things, this magic time would ultimately come to pass;
We thought we'd play forever, but our time together would not last.

 One by one, we each went our way, seeking our fortune and fame.
"The Common Few?" would be no more, a time that could not be reclaimed.

But then one day, little brother Dave, Came up with this idea hair-brained;
For "The Common Few?" to ride again! A Benefit for the Lion's White Cane. 

Could this be even possible after forty years from our start?
We were all old geezers now.but the music was still in our hearts.

Nine of us were together again; Ben, Bob, Cliff, Darrel, Eddie, Gary, Jeff, Robert and, our new found brother Lex.
And little brother Dave, always an honorary "Few?", inspiring us, pushing us, telling us what could be next. 

We practiced hard till our fingers and lips bled; determined to make this thing click.
And lo and behold, it started taking shape and we were laying out some pretty darn good licks.

The big night was here, the 900-plus crowd went wild, and the Chanute Auditorium was electrified. 
Our old fans yelled, the new ones too, and our family members cried! 

Many thought we were dead, or that our brains had long since been fried;
But "The Common Few?" was born again while playing "ride, Sally ride".

Would this night of magic be the end of our big comeback performance?;
Not so, we have another benefit show, for the Kansas Music Hall of Fame in Lawrence . 

January 21, 2006 the "Few?" will ride again once more.
Could this be the last time we're together or will we be playing again 'oer, and 'oer?

So look for us in a town near you, the sensational soul sounds of the geezer group.
"The Older, But Wiser. Common Few?"

© Copyright The Common Few? 2006 (All Rights Reserved)