At the age of seven Darrel wanted to learn to play the piano. Sister Phyllis sat him down at the keyboard, pointed out middle C on the keyboard and on the staff and said, "You're on your own." He worked through five books of the Schubert series.

At the age of nine he began playing trombone in the school band, starting a long involvement with "Big Bands." During his sophomore year in 1964 his friend, Robert Orr, asked him if he would like to play bass in his band, "The Slippers." Darrel asked, "What's a Bass?" Two weeks later he played his first gig at "The Launching Pad," the start of a professional career as a musician. "The Slippers" became "The Common Few?" and evolved into an eight-piece Rock and Soul band with Darrel playing bass and trombone. As with life, this was just the beginning.

1967 - 1968 - Attended The University of Kansas and played trombone in the KU Band.

1969 - 1970 - Back with "The Common Few?" playing bass and trombone.

1970 - Attended KSTC, Emporia, Kansas, and played trombone in the Lab Band

1971 - 1972 - Attended The University of Texas and played trombone and bass in The Longhorn Band. While at UT he worked as a bass player with numerous bands including The Tommy Binion Combo and Henry Gonzales' Latin Band. In one week he played Big Band Jazz, Country, Rock and Mexican Polkas. He was honored to play with world-class musicians, such as; Dean Canty (trumpet), John Mills and John Sherman (sax), Paul Pearcy and John Trainer (Drums) and on a special night in San Antonio , Al Sturchio (trumpet) and Paul English (piano). Darrel also played pick-up gigs with his long time friend Paul McLaughlin (guitar).

1973 - Performed with "The Varsity Singers" of UT on a three month USO Tour in western Europe.

1973 - 1974 - Worked on the road as a side man on trombone and bass with "The Awakening" from Denver , booked by MusArt in Los Angeles .

1975 - 1976 - Worked on the road playing bass and singing with bands from Cincinnati and New York . Finally tired of suitcase life in March, 1976 and retired from playing.

2005 - 2007 - Reunited with "The Common Few?" on trombone and bass at the Lions Rock Hall of Fame concert in Chanute , Kansas and for a fundraiser in January, 2006 for the Kansas Music Hall of Fame. "The Common Few?" is a 2007 nominee for induction into the KMHoF. Darrel can be found playing bass and singing at the Bandera, Texas United Methodist Church.


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