Gary, one of the band's younger members, lives in Manhattan, KS, with his wife Nancy, whom he met while playing with the Common Few? in Emporia, KS, where they were both students at ESU. They have two children, Matt and Jennifer, and four grandchildren: Caden, Laykin, McKenna and Luke!

Gary, originally from Ottawa, KS, started his music career early in life, first learning to play the piano at age 8. He got his first guitar, a light blue Sear's Silvertone, with a Danelectro amp, while in the 7th grade. He took lessons from Art Mooney, of the Chevelles and later The Kids Next Door, at Butler 's Music Store in Ottawa. At the same time, he was playing the trumpet in the school band and later the French horn, winning several gold medals in state competition, individually and in brass quartets. He joined his first rock band, The Dynamic Impacts, while in the 7th grade. Also in that band were fellow Ottawans, Ted North on the Farfisa, Mark Waymire on bass and Ron Burkdoll, then Myron Welton on drums. He later switched to bass and bought an early 60's Gibson EB-3. (which he dearly wishes he'd never sold for a $100 while a poor college student) The next band Gary played in was Static, w/ Randy Platt (who later played with Missouri), Gary Sheffield on guitar and Ron Hardesty on drums, all from Ottawa.

During the winter of '69-‘70, while a freshman at Emporia State, Gary was asked to take Ben Ennis's place singing lead vocals and playing bass in The Common Few?. Gary played with the Common Few? through their name change to Isaac and the eventual end of the band in August of 1971.

Gary graduated from Emporia State with BS and MS degrees in Business, and a minor in music. He played sparingly after the band broke up, except for playing in the university jazz band which included a performance with Doc Severenson and twice playing bass for Neil Sedaka at SW Missouri State and Wichita State for their homecoming concerts. Gary sang in his church choir in Topeka for several years, but other than that, he sang to himself in the shower.

After college, Gary worked in Human Resources for Frito-Lay in Dallas, St. Louis, Council Bluffs, Denver, Charlotte, and Topeka, all in a span of 7 years. Tired of transferring across the country, the family settled in Topeka, where he continued working in human resources. In 1994, Gary joined Kansas State University, where he continues today as an Assistant Vice-President.




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