Of the “Common Few?,” Lex is the “Uncommon One”! His history with the group is relatively short- going back only a couple of years when he was called upon to fill in for former guitarist, John Anderson (whom he has never met, but to whom he is grateful!).

It was a late Saturday afternoon in Chanute when the “Few?” were rehearsing for the Lions Club Rock Hall of Fame Concert in November, that they and Lex first met. Prior to that meeting, Lex had been out of music (other than some praise music in church) since 1975. Lex was a 10th grade drop out who, along with his girlfriend, found himself in a tight spot. At 16 years (Lex) and 17 years (Alishia), they were expecting a baby. Jobs were few and far between for a long-haired, sixteen year old guitar-playing drop out. Just before he cut his hair and went to apply for a job at a local foundry, Rodney Lay contacted Lex with a proposal to audition for a rock group in Oklahoma, “The Skeptics.” This group, consisting of two brothers and a revolving host of members, dated back to the early sixties with records such as “Apple Candy” and “She's a Gas” (sixties for sure!). By now the Skeptics had evolved into a Rock-n-Soul brass band playing a lot of Chicago, Cold Blood, and other contemporary brass group's music. Lex jumped at the chance, auditioned, and was given a week to learn a three-ring binder full of songs in preparation for their first tour of Canada. After two tours of Canada and across the South and Midwest for three years, Lex left the Skeptics. Prior to that he had played lead guitar and sang with a variety of groups in the Coffeyville, Independence area including, “The Soul Sounds,” “Love Street Exit,” and the three-piece band, “Still Kickin'” (one of his all-time favorites…) as well as several bands which formed for brief periods for a little extra cash (heck, at 15 years old, how much can you expect?!!).

In 1975, when Lex was playing with an Eagles'-type band from Oklahoma, he became a Christian. As a result, he left music altogether (thinking it was necessary to make a clean break – for obvious reasons). After 34 years of marriage to his wife, Alishia, two children and three grandchildren, the drop-out finished college and seminary up to his doctorate. Although he had left rock-n-roll years ago, Lex never lost the love of music and his guitar. Meeting the Common Few? was an opportunity to do what has always been his greatest passion and to make some wonderful new friends. To put it Biblically, “I was a stranger, and they (CF?) took me in…” (Matthew 25:35).

For the last thirty-plus years, Lex has been a Baptist minister. He is currently pastoring in Springfield, Missouri.



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